Write whatever you might like to write
Anything that comes to your goddamn mind
And you’re sure as hell to find some way or other
Don’t be afraid to smother them whole
Each and every goddamn mole and their beset prairies
Contrary goddamn assumptions, one after another
A fair degree of downright gumption that needs to be reassessed
‘Til they cannot but hold that piece of silver paper oh so tightly against their chest
Crestfallen is how they will feel, but only at first
Steal a piece of their hearts and keep on keeping on
Create a thirst
A strong backbone, stronger than strong never steered no-one too far wrong
Sidestep any such bemusement
Of course you’re prone to a certain degree of literary abuse occurring
Stir that pot
Bring it to boiling point
Seems all along you did indeed map this particular route out
Now, why don’t you show me the fruits of your labour