A misshapen individual who knows no way forward whatsoever at all – crashed, cracked and considerably crumpled with trying time – oh how it has all of it been trying to suck the life right from her all. of. everything.

Unfathomably mesmerising for its whole smouldering and severe standalone worth

Hellish-sent and meant to mean next to something, only that she cannot quite understand to conscientiously attempt to comprehend any of it – this tasteless reckoning wherein the reconfigured word appears to be her only conclusive weaponry

Yet, as recent as perhaps outright recently, the ink has been blinking to think – to shrink – all by itself…

When, though… when ever will it manage to amount to a beautifully angular existence, an existence whereby her mind lies paralleled to these sun-stroked days, makes all kinds of majestic hay!?
She stands, soil-ridden, -arisen, and earthly imprisoned

To prey upon these swooped eagles – downright imaginary monstrosities, if you will, with necessity near their oblong eyes and inordinately willing to search for her moment of bare-truth and to scoop at its living, seething entrails

The o-u-t-l-a-n-d-i-s-h-l-y, m-a-r-v-e-l-l-o-u-s-l-y t-r-a-g-i-c and t-a-n-t-a-l-i-s-i-n-g-l-y fiendish kill

Again, again, again… and at rather recklessly ravenous pace
Bloody-faced individuals all of their own over-entitled reckoning, and she feels it every other day on hurting-earth

Someone went ahead of themselves and toppled the trusted apple-cart, and she does not even know where to start to begin… please, oh Lord please, have a most resolute heart!

Resolve to somehow, anyhow, Godforsaken solve – what’s been painstakingly, brazenly, undeniably abstract and devastatingly taken away

… … From. Me.

We all cry, just that my silenced cry has become fabricated aside lethargically enhanced by eagle-eyed awareness, and they are prepared to stop at nothing to get exactly what they came for

Her thumb, cradled and ceaselessly enthused by a begging-to-belong trembling forefinger which attempts to bear bountiful gifts at brush-stroked will, is crashed, cracked and considerably crumpled, and she truly feels none of it

A glutton for circulatory punishment, or so it panders and plagiarises for itself til all of it seems to feel… abruptly, absurdly deceitful

Creating boundaries by way of upside-down, breakneck-speed brevity –¬†seems to be that she has become her own worst enemy