They asked what his OCD felt like and he gave them his every worrisome woe, his words, his everything sentimental. Yet, it will never again send him mental. The eyes arise brought back to life. Always fighting only never, ever smiling

All awhile, they furiously stare in the face of perfectly placed prestige as prioritized part of the parcel-wrapped process

Yes! He just must magnify and manage at causing all want-away words to magnificently amount, to take demonstrative account.

Yes, indeed! This peculiar aside decidedly brave nature will never get to wholly second-guess nor fully comprehend the telling of its own debilitating tale; perhaps not ever again, only (n)ever until.. … …

it owns its own industry and this “wonderful war” with wrestling words becomes the fun-damental ultimatum that shall take him soothingly above

From belief and below

Shall rise a fastidious soul.