Far from here

That Manhattan division – somethin’ otherworldly and desired at being desirably pronounced again

Whip-smart start and real at being real
The forbidden couple, all eager-eyes and deliriously insinuated

A packed solid suitcase, a mound of Daddy’s stolen money at hand – dilapidated and good at being alone together
Forever perchance perhaps this will need for itself to happen and map its way right the way out

Miranda and Dedalus all in one go – freedom speaks louder than what is ignored and they see it, feel it, makeshift wings of portrayal indeed

Again please, let it be something so very dog-eared aside sensational at being sensuously well adjusted and r-e-a-l
The time has come, simply arrived and it will be – simply okay and o-t-h-e-r-w-o-r-l-d-l-y


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