There is a momentous moment when we all will start to dart our eyes back
Narrowly and backward.. AND borrowed ‘Til Pointing

nErVoUsLy toward — that specifically radiant plACE(..) Dostoyevskian and laugh-out-LOUD permitted to We, to BE:: coloured-in kaleidoscopic and lukeWARM hosTilIty, please.. let these be the same ol’ dAze

Of confused AND CONfiding-IN-THEMselves wherewithal
Wherein, we ALL WILL marvellously mEaNdeR and Make: sophisticated AND HIGHLY simultaneous SenSe Of OuR VerY Own State of SelfAWARENESS. It’s… asking a WHOLE-lot-MORE for them to suddenly take

And turn… … the ENTIRE volume of TheirMinds Down NOW(!!) “don’t we think it too” —-

That they have done ENOUGH(!!) to set the secretive aforementioned ol’ worldAlight.. these Mighty AND wanderLUST list of

——) DayTIME Reprobate people, same-sane-ones from BEFORE who seem to want to

Delicately dedicate their NIGHTtime ENDeavours(again) to being— all about the lucrative standSTILL, actuALLy.
His was, AND IS, the ADULTHOOD picture painted to tell its VERY own tale of

Unidentifiable aDoLeScEnt AnGeR actually, and we will NOT (EVER-AGAIN!) let them hEAR another word saidAGAINST… …

Everything which he’s seen. Whispered… “in secretive syllables”, Says He.