My eyes are the happiest they may have ever been
Seems to be the case I’m finally getting to steal all of everything
These windows to my soothed soul, t’was always their fair goal to pour on into your every immaculate vision
Precision utterly guided by the constant light which now gets to burn oh so bright inside
Underneath all of it a fierce dry-wit flicker – a wire burning and turning right the whole way round
From these rocket-sockets right on down to my cherished, much travailed soles and back on up again
A separate kind of pane entirely
Disguised by nothing
Whilst the rest of you fail to see it all exactly for what it is, perhaps this immediate ricochet of shine will one day get to slow you all of the way down, allow you to pine for an equal measure of peripheral treasure
There ain’t no rainbow, no nothing, just flows fair evenly either way
Ain’t no necessity for any kind of a pot of gold whatsoever
Where everything can, and will, bring with it something oh so downright glorious
‘Til becoming fastidiously wrapped right round my middle-finger
Why not take a load off, sit here with me and linger if only for awhile
Unearth your very own long lost smile
We’ve been waiting, fate said you would indeed be coming, albeit running on absolute empty
Negative yet oh so goddamn pretty
My peripheral somebody
You make my scribbles oh so easy

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