The time it took to make their mInDs UP/ to credibly BOTH CEASELESSLY cause….

All knowing parts of those stay-awhile(!) hearts to do JUST that:

To pulSATE(!!) amid miraculous demonstration..
As they hurriedly take their TWICE-A-DAY pills

Wishing for IT to endlessly i-n-s-t-i-l and render this SenSe of NEVERending bliss –

This IS it/
This is the perpetual person he dreamt of being, forever KEEN-EYED and One-Of-A-Kind..

“Oh, my! Why can they not ACTuALLy all of them have f—e—l—t THIS particular way BEFORE IT ALL WENT DOUR!?”

Since the StEadY-FaCed beginning, when to WIN meant damndownRIGHT(!!) every singular LITTLE THING

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