She stood her ground and brought the onus back upon she- did the time, delicately divulged her strengthening Senses even When: it all appeared, in a SENSE, lockTIGHT and impossible to manoeuvre itself away from…

A man, who tried but farther-he-failed to make that DELICATE-both-dedicated difference.

And, with time and tantamount portrayal of undeniably personable deMEANour… “she WILL!”

Bring herself back from the brazen-faced bRiNk of what’s been SEEN-TO-BE… …. “an unTHINKABLE thing!”

From s-i-l-e-n-c-e-d in that suffering sense of foul-mouthed and instantaneous acrimony, to sucker-punched and ‘violated’, to terrificALLy tEsTeD to the bare-naked extremities of her beautiful being.. She IS IN

All of we: Taking that STANCE-AND-DELIVER AND DaNcE

And it s-w-i-m-s at the (SUREfire) surface whilst simultaneously ASKING

To beatifically Belong… … to another such version of a FAR-better-PeRsOn

Times ten!!

“Yes.” He is here now, and it APPEARS to be for a Case-In-Point

Of constancy and keeps.

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