That vermilion tilt – ten times too many, twice as nice, oft than not flighty at fighting
To sit upright, smacking of improper portrayal – perhaps roundabout ways to another sudden portal for artistic behaviour

Cotton-mouth, twisted endeavour midst elongated favour to his own kindly kind

Interpreting what has been seen to simply be – rather altogether light-ish blue and undoubtedly impossible at being circumspect

Drawing in the far-side of the moon …
Respect that artist and his part in a piece of your natural born history will breathe – unsightly, oft than not perfect at being snide and unkindly

The shadow to his predisposed soul proposed such a singular thing whilst it mixes with that light

Delightfully blinding and unofficially pressed agonisingly against the dark side of your skin

Savannah says … let it be mysteriously twisted and recklessly real