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Of…. nothing much AT ALL. It’s lukewarm to ROASTING, actually, Just How stone_cold Sober we appear to’ve been… while the rest of their PEERS === entered into

a state of Official Inebriation. “It wasn’t easy for them to Proclaim just how infamous they needn’t have even been, just how(?) they kept their

Limbs in check.” It’s… brutish how they stood atop of their very own shoulders – YEAH, that IS rather aBstrAct(!) – even if that’s exactly how it acted itself out

And screamed at the top of their smoke-INGESTED lungs. Only… two, actually.. and they were an AnXieTy-laden necessity.. these ticker~tape Cigarettes, to unwind a

HellBLOWNmind. “She’s been finding it awfully Dostoyevskian in here today, as she did as ever, as IF…

We CannoT kNOw ____ how hard theY(?) attempted to

Play the game like anyone else: whilst their aforesaid hellBENT mInD rabbiteD on regardless of an adoleSCENTchild and their once-upon-a-mild-MannerIsms.
We never danced so very

Expressively HARD without even asking for their hand in the 1st plACE