For Christ sake
Did I have to do another shift so as to make some money, working into the early hours when most people were only just awake
For God sake, a woman here chatting about baking an accordion cake
Well, not so much but she did mention an accordion and a cake so I put two and two together
Would wait it out ’til I got home, use my rhyme to make a poem all of my own
Fact of the matter is this, in my eyes anyway, the cake is all about her and her father’s friendship, like an accordion it will always come back for more, be it he miles away or hanging about, reminiscing with his beloved daughter outside her front door
Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe their relationship doesn’t need an accordion cake, all too strong already
Perhaps it’s just my mind looking for that little bit more
A nice woman with a penchant of her own for words
Things were fine, serving pints in the dining room at a 21st – legs eleven taking  me to eye candy heaven – ’til she asked me to a wedding in a few weeks time
Don’t know her well enough, plus I’ll be away in Dublin on a course in order to add to my rhyme
But thanks for your words, fair lady, thank you for your time
See you again
But right now, right this minute it is simply down to me and my rhyme