Fatigued – fiercely fucked-off and to the nth degree and she functions from fiercely below
Tattoo impassioned and heartily well heard, she listens to herself speak and it means to make singularly suggestive sense

Again, a hardwired gaining
If only the upsettling heartstrings for creation were so very invaluably sufficient, but they aren’t, weren’t
Cannot ever seem to let themselves be – under-cooked and uneasily portrayed

A sitting artiste and her chosen instruments of outrage aside quick-firing adultery stand poison-faced at playing – preying – pretend

Playfully perturbed as i-t’were

Constantly juxtaposed consternation midst constantly poised bouts of bare-naked concentration – this is the appearance for all hiding evil entwined and she means for it to be so very sickeningly suggestive

A stressed breath, the embarking She-Devil – at one with all other misgivings and -behavings – to have and to recklessly have not

Even if she swears to Christ on a backward standing bike that she might have had it once upon a long time ago … heavily, heavenly, predisposed, dispossessed and pushed to the bounds of breaking point and barraged like only she shall ever let herself break and bend and let itself endlessly be …

A bare-knuckle ride of her tattoo-emblazoned young life – wherein fashion will win out at whatever the p-r-i-c-e

All adolescent arms extinguished from range, and that’ll be the never-ending cycle of senti-mental persuasion persists