Tantamount to survival they caused all knowing AND YET TO BE SEEN sensations to softly
Set to seed-

This rally of rambunctiously playful yet beautifully plagiarised people: carrying with them the ((war of)) words and attrition to split the unique diffidence be.tween

Universally otherworldly and, yet, About to beCOME- involuntarily fastened to their (very own) impassioned hands

Of manly intent and MEANT TO MATTER ((the most))— an UPSIDE down toast; A gentlemanly, ahem… MENTAL & manly… handshake to super-imPOSE: fair supremely upon themselves this time, perhaps… til they lethargically left said selves iconoclastically exposed

To improperly QUAKE… …

Their perfunctory souls
Set to FEED: THE OTHER PERSON’s fondness for FAR-REACHING farewell: those retched sons of anarchy with their hurried & sentimental, ahem… SENT THEM MENTAL moments of falsified bliss, pish POSH— an outright quantified and over-qualified amalgamation of over-exposed souls.. if ever we saw some

Dirt poor and about to restore clarity!

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