Soars by the unprecedented need to settle these uncomfortably controllable, shy-locked thumbs and restored forefingers of wicker-worn his at typically bespoke will – all of it all kinds of genuine

Why can’t these misbehaving words have all of them been delicately misshapen women – each to their alphabetised and differentially visual own

(A lug of a ghastly metallic thing, the behemoth and antiquated ugly duckling  – trapped potential hidden like a fairytale with a promise of forever painted-upon gracious pedestrian wings : engineered immediately within whilst repetitiously tending to preordained mesmerise

The lucrative ‘gold’ gathers itself just … just … just so goddamn much and all of it before the soothing atop undeniably far-fetched literary gain of a wishful lifetime)

You’d need to be plain mundane insane either constrained way pushed-to-pull meanderingly forth-forward by unspeakably prioritised

A seriously amalgamated degree of wasted, watered-down and imaginative years – so they will whisper and fair ignorantly say amongst their ridiculously uncertain selves, wherein this particular multi-faceted pen ferociously fends and, so suddenly soon, this highly hellbent and addictive, affable nature makes stranger sense

Tears are extraordinarily heated and heavy

Again, perhaps perchance amidst one lapse in over-driven concentration …

And amidst a crazy gain in gamely penman-ship sidled right by this brazen-fingered momentum

When an insipidly non-suggestive friction oft than not pulverises and at altogether deceptive and treacherous play : of oft derelict and decidedly improper, side-winding fiction, and he will enthuse, endure, infuse himself as he awaits his every next inspired readers’ upsetting yet comfortably settled albeit no less fretted breath

An accordion-ated wet dream of fractious sorts ought to stress singular symmetry – it. will. be. lost. on. many.

Looking to entirely entrust in someone else’s wildly imaginative imagination again, whilst his very intrepid own creative design returns to exactly where it yearningly belongs : to h-o-p-e-f-u-l-l-y, finally, rather quite inevitably … bring him to a brush-stroked, stereotypical and imperfectly perfected home

Crucify me, please… ipso facto needs be, you try your damnedest best and make roundabout sense of a beautiful mess and I’ll try and impress every next unsuspecting part of your wanderlust and craving being when least suspected

The kaleidoscopic photographs are coming … as daft as they may colour-coordinate themselves to resemble and be, simply shape-shifting otherworldly pronounced and bounced about by : spellbinding time

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