That’s what they say
If you feel the pinch
Don’t give it an inch
Let things fall by the wayside
Your head sway
Doubts slide ’til they subside
That’s what they say
Take the good with the bad
Begin to recall the sublime times
As soon as you start to feel sad
There will always be worse off than you
You remember Tommy the soulless Jew
Wandering, falling about the place
Having knocked back quite a few
Then there’s that middle-aged girl
Names Pearl
Smokes too much
Her, her cigarettes and nothing but a hardened pack of Rennie in her back pocket
For a crutch
No real rules
Just you, your writing and if you feel like it
That empty socket behind your chair
You can keep on playing air
Or pen a song
The kind of which will put you on a par
With the likes of Leonard Cohen
Either way it really is time to get going