She said I was the best she’s ever had
Really I should be glad
‘Cos before the aforementioned
When I clocked her at my wine bar
She may have looked fantastic
But she also appeared quite sad
Didn’t know what it was at the time
Maybe a boyfriend who had grown
Jealous of her fashion trend
Her need to both look & feel sublime
It didn’t look good
‘Cos when it comes to people like this
They never remain friends
So this is what I did
I poured her a tall glass of my finest red wine
French Beaujolais
Fixed my collar, slipped on over
The drink’s on me, on the house…
May I ask for whom it is you pine?”
There & then
She stared at me through a look of utter despair
& decided to offer up the spare chair
This is where I went
About wiping away her tears
Neglecting her fears
& bringing a little or a lot of jeer to her life
For a time anyway
But you reap what you sow
I’d seen the roller coaster firsthand
Should have anticipated it turning out sour
As the days, weeks, months wore on
That fantastic face grew all the more dour
Besides that
It’s not that impressive in front of your regulars
When your girl refers to you as her flower