Finally get it…
The major universal obsession with both Blur & Oasis
Seems there’s most certainly enough room for the pair of these ridiculously instrumental bands
So, go on, raise your every hand in the air
Sway oh so gregariously with the fastidious crowd on show tonight
Too much sprayed beer over a derogatory shoulder to remember
Liam and Noel to your left, cool-as-a-cucumber Albarn on your right
Up all the evening, burning a most serendipitous candle in their every honour
Teenage girls swarming – t-shirts and mini-skirts with their heroes labels emblazoned right across the front
Suck you thumb, Beetlebum!
What’s the story, Morning Glory?
Something for absolutely everyone
Jump on it, jump on it, jump on it!!
A way with words have the pair of them the remainder of us can only ever get to dream about
Seems Liam and Damon can stand each other just fine, the real problem lying rather deceitfully between a brotherly disgust that utterly seeks a lack of meeting in the middle
Never gonna happen
Don’t look back in anger
Mid-nineties sensations settling on into my imagination as time goes by

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