Holey moley, she stole me away entirely
Fried my juvenile brain rather perfectly
Truth told, I was usurped
We walked, we stared, as much as talked
‘Til everything turned oh so still and it started all over again
I use my pen whilst she courageously entices everyone on in, stealing the whole show
A toe inside of every man’s dream
Supreme and grandiose, perhaps all the more worthy of a toast to all and sundry
Monday our funday, when it all appears to me to be heaven-sent on absolute wheels
Peeled my eyes wide open – no such thing as able to cope
Has me on a rope
Her jawline had to do it, didn’t it, remind me of all those glass-jaw beauties
Astute and peculiarly booted up with too many places to roam
I wait for her to return on home
Every other night, a fight that transforms itself into full-blown sex
When in the name of God did she place this hex over me!?