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A single beat(…) She’s relatively hungover and asking for a furthermore version of her latter-YAY-SELF, actually, and we’d like to think she’s been

Soothing herself with AllSorts Of upside-down contrary ConCoctIon. We mightn’t really LIKE to make it seem – utterly ******* worrying, yet there’s just… something about them having been BOOSTED BY ALL OF THE SURROUNDING testosterone going on anyway. We

Have fallen down the trapdoor without even asking: even been beleaguered minus the mind of a person who can —- “make it all feel

OCD reaL.” Yet they cannot ever understand the difference between one mind and ten-too-many-thousand others and vYing For

“Undenied BalanCe plEASE?” Holding on to hope under the wrongful scope of a miserly old MISPRONOUNCED brain: and stepping undesirably
Of ___ ten thousand time-bombs {TOO MANY} and in ONE (“ANOTHER!!!!!!”) MERE-EAGER SplitSecond of

Resurfacing misunderstandings.” Watch us sleep while our minds meet… a million more mere-eager mistakenly understandings, please. And learn to understand our secretive mental handlings ___

Because the OUTLANDISHLY MinDToGgLinG comparisons are probably… impossible to explain for their InsaNeLy unhinged nature