She comes bearing everything and anything fair magically spectacular – played her dastardly hand like only she matter-of-fact can … and came out the other side a detrimentally, heavenly-sent, extremely violent thing

When people are failing to simply adhere to meet her half-way

Rip-roaringly, quite sensationally … OK, they do indeed say that the harder the fiercesome and fiery fall upon hell’s scintillated doorstep the far more immaculate the level of layered quick-wit, wonderfully intermingled by unfathomable grace – she tasted the living-breathing pain to drain herself unexplainably dry so as to feel the rain of utterly self-approved disapproval

Pointlessly pressed people swarmed nauseatingly all over her peripherally-inclined vision
Where her empathy goes to outright paralyse itself and die

And now … she will stand with her courageous hand – settled oh so strikingly strong against a soulful alabaster heart … and alight right by the burning hot amber-ash fire of the spectacularly realigned sun … til getting to finally choose her downtrodden, about-to-be-re-realised-all-over-again chosen ones

These have always been her people, just that they begged and borrowed and needed for her to see it

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