And she strolls on into the mixed-up metaphors inside of his violated mind whilst, all awhile, it catches crazed kinds of blinding fire

Fisticuffs nestled farther within- the touching reaches of his borrowing brain

And all of it begins at feeling… all sorts of riotously real- all sorts of toiled up within delirious bouts of trouble again

The burning girl, that exact same churning one with pedicured procedure-list stitched right by the mis-directed motives of his ulterior mind- acting the maggot and nothing else for it

Her adolescent kisses stained wholly within the repulsive visionary regions of his blistered existence, strained rather delightfully-

And all of it shall inevitably begin at betraying itself till left itself ‘lying’ succinctly nearby

The farthermost reaches of their financially reimbursed brains

A beautifully extraordinary, sacrosanct vision quarrelled monstrously within many a magnificently malfunctioning belief, indeed

She feeds right by the bare-knuckled ride of one such young unadulterated actress’s lifestyle

So far so serendipitously clear from crystal serene that it pains him to say it so very typically from the insipid twist of the piercingly, powerfully, suggestive tip of his uncontrollable lip…

Blue, grey, any which ever iridescent way forth-forward prioritised and brought back toward a bountiful belonging again- are all of these living, breathing- enormous-faced- dying, seething #MeToo creatures really, readily, articulately treating themselves to decidedly maniacal mis-behaving’s!

Some will say-

That it seems to need to be captured gloriously within the bristle ‘n’ breeze of the case in anointed point/ gently caressed and stolen from the imploring restoration of her mid-teenage years

And quantifiably pronged and prolonged and fearsomely forced to superficially proceed, all of it “relative, really…”, so he seethes to say it midst an interspersed amalgamation of cigar-infested next breathes

Bleeding at being… terrifically real and wrap-right-round-about rapturously resolute

And the fruits of Adam’s rotten apple encumber her sellout soul so very artificially

Some like it hot, shot like a classic modern day questionable masterpiece dripping progressively in sexual-innuendo, each to their holocaust-esque own screams, tiny little manicured fisticuffs of little women strenuously cradled into deceptive despair and forever fetched at the nestled ready till stretched plainly, painfully, gainfully amidst these specifically plagiarised knockout rounds of pandering forgiveness

Is She all That Brave Anymore, Though!!?

A man’s ‘Mars versus Venus’ eye-line shall have to fight all of the time from here on in vilified by cotton-wool eyes… balancing itself professionally, proficiently against this utter mundane reality which still begs for supernaturally existential existence

Till sincerely, seriously, righteously silencing himself at blatantly being…

Incredulously learned aside deceptively singing…

It from the alabaster skyline

Yo-yo’d up and down and inevitably mirror-imaged back upon itself till kneeling blessedly against the gently kissed feet of the meandering Mississippi River

As naked as the day that she died inside, by the prepubescent lie of her cub-encumbered, adolescently pressed- never implying- eye-line… one of a kindly kind, indeed, and their consequentially expressive, con-temporarily situational bandit language does tend affably toward getting its. self. to meaning absolutely every. thing. for its plagiarised worth / till spliced ten times too many altogether – all together – all to get her

Twice as flighty, only the rottweiler caught her, and pressed fair flagrantly at that… till he’s been stereotypically fighting whilst begging for its deplorable self

To reach for the aforementioned farthermost pieces of the insistently estranged in-between- there just had to, had to, had to have been something technically insufficient about all of this upside-down, wrought-iron, wrong-way-round media coverage the world over her cold, embattled shoulder…

This problematically- emblematically- back-storied Thing of undeniably invisible sound- and ‘the Monster’ is unforgivably quick and ready at making mountains from molehills for himself

This whip-smart realignment of her adulthood mind appears to have been surrounding itself immediately right by… these fair twisted childlike ramifications of his

This living, seething- pock-sparked- masterclass, which sets sell-able nether regional seed atop rambunctiously tampered-with flame upon aforementioned skyline even before any of it ever took itself off to gloriously happening

A non-sequential realignment of triangular stars shall start at mapping its own blank route back to the truth of truths…

Amidst all knowing beings and all of it eerily insinuated till stressed blessedly against the supernatural hatch of the

Plagiarised Beginning

Been sinning when, really, all that she needed to do for herself was to win outright, till left herself in plain pontificated view of all of these miracle worker’s of their own earned reckoning…

Trying to break their brains to put it all back together again

To finally bring her back to herself and no-one else

Her journey into the light/ more like her damning journey into the fight once more/ only this time all of it otherworldwidely and non-judicially judged by

A billion other scapegoating, goading minds… of many vitriolically repulsive people who side right by his teaming inadequacies

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