You did good
You did oh so good
I’ve… I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so beautiful in all of my life
But, know what, that’s enough
I’ve done what I came to do
And I’m almost proud, so very proud

You’re more than welcome

Thank you so much, how can I ever repay you?
This… this is… perfect!?
I mean, I always dreamed of this… you know that, don’t you?
Of course, now you’ve to worry about sales
A sales pitch even
I’ve done all that I believe I can do, Sandra
Thank you
So much

But you will revolutionise writing, Brian, not just poetry either
People who hated reading are calling me all of the time to ask me how you do it
How you can manage to write like this?
They are seriously overcome… with a kind of… emotion I’ve… I dunno, never seen before
You do whatever you might like
You take a holiday if you like, somewhere overseas, maybe where they won’t know you
Because, soon, everyone will get to know you
Want to know you
And, know what, I don’t blame them

But I’m only a writer, a lowly writer from the sticks

You were never lowly and I think you know so much
Get ready to revolutionise the whole damn thing, my friend
The sticks part I get though

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