Presume to assume – an upward and high standing positioning

Trembling albeit freely and utterly, unspeakably aware, the grappled air up there knows no truer bounds

And the rumbling sounds of the thistle-thorn underground arises to meet its maker right at the manic middle – these are the shy aside whispering days of ulterior reckoning

And it feels a little bit like everything and anything can and shall actually map its own route and finally happen – when least suspected, they are eager-eyed invested and mournfully re-awakening themselves with the quake of the world’s suddenly so undergrowth

We are mysteriously controlled at being deceptively remote people – inevitably proposing to unearth our own way forward and prioritised by incredible degrees of industrious industry

See me scream and roar … manage to set alight to these frightful, fight-filled days – heavenly, heavily restore what has been brutally man-handled, misshapen and mesmerised by a life less than spectacular

They see the sneering train-tracks of snaking deceit which endlessly align our blood-shot, decidedly pock-sparked arms

And you can rest rather ear-achingly reassured that they will do their damned damnedest to rhyme the break of the line

One. More. Time.
Bringing it -all of every next bit- incredulously back to begging life

We have been bargaining with the devil an age-old century, hanging upon a tethered thread, pleading that everything manages to upset itself

And manages to make drenched sense again

A pretty penny for her every far-fetched, -stretched thought … and he really ought to own the bare-naked bones of her bountiful being by now

He’s been hiding … while her inspired eyes arise to arrive … by the gentle meander of an adolescent soul set to sail – at braced and breakneck speed she is all that he has ever seen – their malnourished minds have been meaning to amount … to all out magnificent

Albeit, this particular pair of pedantic people are misbehaving on bespoke purpose – because to justifiably misbehave is to justly usurp the wanton underbelly for contagious construction

Midst trepidatious bouts of garrulous destruction

But why, oh why does is need to hurt so very cussing much!?

He has to ask, while he bathes in her nether region : for no other reason than to stay the terrific distance – appears to be, their dreams are buried a thousand metres deep and he will not stop … until she feels it

Every. Next. Piece.

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