1He took his deepest, most deathly breath and pushed himself against the shape of his favourite best fate. To bring it all BACK-to-beginning again, “for these words to wInD themselves UP!! Outright.

2To a point of unheard of silence of clarity AND nonstop utilisation of MAGNIFICENT MIND: Because it STILL IS… believe it or not

3”Oh, my!” What ever shall it f*cking take.. to break these bounds created by courageous time.. 

4Spent Disgustingly disgruntled and treacherously t-i-e-d… to a thousandth bed MULTIPLIED by a M-I-L-L-I-O-N, and UNFORGETTABLY ruminating to an excruciating point – –

5Of unpardonable and UNTHINKABLE apprehension

“Yet AGAIN!!!”

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