There is an inkling of highly infused honor + quintessential levels of worried workmanship, of justifiably instrumental estrangement, of both disengaged + rampantly entangled concentration, when it suddenly becomes stylistically combined with these over-enthusiastic levels of courteous both hyperactive + shared distraction

Perhaps, a fuller wholesome focus heroically gathered + grasped from someplace both indescribable but, ever-yet… equally indestructible

And with this wholehearted (dis)regard curtsied comfortably toward its own implemented sense of spiritualistic worth going on this peculiar and piquant time…

A thirsty thirst that cannot but fondly sequester + somewhat heavenly implement its very own striking sense of artistically enhanced endeavour – because, to touch the tantalized brush is to erratically treasure ..

this sincerely holistic + hidden sense of life-like Zen.

Impenetrably succinct, + we do in-deed tend to think too many times to get to care about ourselves ever a-gain.

Life-like motherfucking Zen! Checking in as our musical penetration senses something is about to sensationally begin… …

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