Wholly put. It is. One of the greatest living Depictions of

An unenrolled MasterPEACE.. and it feels—
Above ALL ELSE, like this aMbiVaLenT ThInG and these people ARE extremely Prioritised actually; and although it’s been a run in the snow kinda Catastrophe, we cannot but aLteR our VERY-OWN singular mOoDSwInGs AND vision

To s-u-i-t them, times-a-million indeed// what we HAVE been-to-see is
Fantastically over-the-TOP AND outlandishly aforementioned ——

… amBLOODYbivalent, as they lean-on-in, forsaking ALL-OTHERS, and take – another SUREFIRE-aim(!) at being

Hahahahaha-speaking=above AND beyond THE critical Point of EnthusiasticCharacteristics — – and there have AND WILL be TiCs, the tocking of which

Seems to have had its VERY OWN state of aforementioned Wherewithal, and it HAS, in fact, taken a looooong and arguable AND arduoUS time— for Them, to make it

Here= as they take a deep AND soft singular next breath… and FEEL the threats,

Of ANOTHER aforeMENTIONED TEN-MILLION rUmInAtioNs- or was it—- —-

Ruination… Seems their brains have forgotten to remember which way IS upAgAiN(…)
& WHICH is actually THE WAY.. to finally sit argumentatively STILL WITh tHeMseLvEs.