To choose, choose a particular way to say whatever it is you may like to say, ’til there comes a most bright and telling day when everything gets answered, all of your late night, early-morning prayers
Strapped to a chair of forgiveness, rest soundly, dear preacher, we want, need you to be a 21st Century teacher
Failure just doesn’t figure in, sins always get forgiven, onwards and upwards with your lavish sword of golden blood
Shroud us in peace, let us marvel in unmatched silence at your feet, retreat, retreat ’til ours and yours become teeth of steel
When they ask us what is your appeal, we say that you manage to make any given day feel that little more real, no task too hard, shards of glass only ever par of the course, a hoarse voice but you gave everyone a choice, all of the time
Sublime, your very existence which came at us on the off chance