You sit with simply me

and smile whilst lending myself a manicured arm

twist your beautifully split seams right by the edges of your prioritised being

stand to steal all of me upon a carefree downwards whisper

I’m trembling to remember a far better time

when kind eyes sedated my wish-filled everything

been sentimentally meaning to steal you right the whole way back

seems we’re the masters of our very own destiny

soon as this pretty penny turns to fall to drop, we simply say when to stop at nothing

no such editing necessary amidst this winter air breath

gasped to grasp and caress your very own

I was prone to watching you blow smoke-rings at dawn all of the time

‘Til the thyme wrote itself amidst a howl-some, naked, legs akimbo dine

I only ever write when you cum…

and it’s as easy as the gentle breeze that takes to caress these inner legs gleaming

amidst one whole world’s watching windows to our pulsating soul