If they did utter the other word, then the need for sarcastic overlay may.. just have done its own DasTaRdThInGAgAiN. Why they were

seekingWhat(??)they WERE officially seeking
WAS Arguable+and+readily available// on the time it DIDtake, they were still these terrificallyRadiantfacedPeopleof

PoeticPersuasion(!) “Even if, this did NOT mean one-Specific-thing to the nextThousandExpressionLESSpeople.”

They(WE…) were standing tall+and+FirmAndTrueToForm, Y’all(…)

When she took Theblatantlyfunda(MENTAL)Knife and “playFuLlY” SLASHEDitAgainstHis screamingSCHEMINGthroat…

As for his sudden-most chances-at-survival(?) “Not A Hope.”