Don’t you dare swear! They’ll finally come flocking, looking to take you down before you ever began
The ones who seem to really matter
Publishers and the likes, hot on your heels right now, perhaps, heavily intent on grappling, then as much as destroying your every gregarious line
Give them the enticement of bait and they wil turn a blind eye all over
Cold shoulder
But I don’t give a f**k about them
What, like the supposed poet laureate who came at me only the other morning inside of Warren Allen, tapped me on the arm and advised me to SLOW DOWN – dream small
F**K right off, from what I’ve heard so far your published toast, your ‘words’, if we can even as much as call it that, to the masses right over the road exploded in your aged face
They made their Sunday afternoon choice, little lady
Came at me with surprising pace
I read whilst you fumble and seethe
My mate sings, brings the house right down, whilst you treat everybody like an inept adolescent
Yes, you”ve got your money and your publishing deals; the holy grail for me, I won’t lie, no two ways
But I’ll happily take a relatively empty pocket, many a morning necking inspirational coffee, over the two aforementioned
‘Cos I’ve seen you in action and the fact of the matter is this, your ego simply destroyed you