They’ve been thrashing themselves through it all again/ as anotherYETAGAINbreath takes dominant shape: “they’ve got this, have to have had and ever since the eagerness of beginning — never ceased BEGGING(!!)”

For something u•t•t•e•r•l•y unBRANDED & truthfully delicateActually – where it had to have OCCURRED is from somewhere, somePLACE.. definitely rAdIcAl and CERTainly cOnFuSinG(!!) to say the very Least.

As all Delight-filled eyes guided ThemSELVES Notoriously Inner-towards// and they shall… s•t•o•p at all of the POINTLESS arguments FROM HAPPENING and for the tender sake of taking their taming-of-time.. to ‘naturally’ uNwInD

“Our mindfulMinds.” Morning time had never felt so VERY(..) frightfullyBright. Some might sayIt: but most ((OfTHEM)) won’t, though