Electric, put plain and simply
Something or other which needed to gather any kind of a fire, an outright living desire to set aflame all of these once trodden upon burn-right-out embers
Seems, by the end, no-one appreciates downright safety in numbers
To wholeheartedly let us remember everything for what it truly was – a glowing sensation, the absolute hard sell
Crack the outer layer shell and allow all of us right back in
Hot-on-wheels, exceptionally managing to dip a manicured toe, steal everyone’s rather glorious thunder oh so damn majestically all over the place
A taste like none other we may ever again get to lavishly see
When her polyester face tasted just like everything we’ve ever dreamt about
She gave us a shout and never looked down – a clown on acid only far more magical in this particular moment
Soaped up, cleaned right the whole way out
A big red wig her only reprieve
No doubt she’ll decide to continue on this peculiar route of hers, padlocked only relatively enticing
Seems we always did want what we just cannot have
Seems you had me at “hello!!”

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