What if: “it made perfect sense of the inside outs of everyone else, and she remembered to react ten too many times = to the EnorMous ErrOrs iNsiDE of HeR MonsTrouS MinD.” They’ve

Met the antihero people again with their new album of utter contempt HAPPENING on song INSIDE OF THE LOOSEST OF LIPS imagined. That vanguard ability to become purely — problematic and (these) preciously Undiagnosed people. Probably to an outlandishly PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOTIC EXTENT. She’s a runaround, tearaway, teary-eyed sensation and we really cannot

Commonly CONtemplate utter Upside Downness For The Sake of burning her beleaguering bridges (again). “We’ve been talking in ACRE-wide circles inside of our mile-high heads again and

Tending toward utter CONtempt.” She’s nothing whatsoever if not

Crystal clear when it starts to get to an upsetting stage where people becAme constantly petrified at the way they… “pardon themselves inside of their own unpardonable minds.. TEN TOO MANY TIMES.”

Like a game of ten-man Tetris on the telly —- only minus The Need for a Mistress and PLUS(!!!) the deliriously JuxTaPoseD SouLs Who (DO) crumble to a comfortable hold – when their tragedies lay low