We didn’t even need the necessary people of Piedmont Persuasiveness any more than NEVER! “Where we (get to) go we just must muster-up the courage to

Shoot (blindly) into the night… at the right AND wrong People CLEAR-IN-THE-FACE, actually” = she’s a matter and he’s a surefire fACT, and they just might wish to proceed with

Whimsical action happening inside of paraphrased minds… … MIGHT BE ABSOLUTELY R!GHT. “But what-if we (really) meet in the centrepiece of paralysed PEOPLE… … and delightfully-both-delicately draaaaaag… these pilfered people Back to Breathing yet again?”

There’s been this spectacular feeling of faraway delicacy, INDEED, lIvInG inside of (these)

“Yeah-Yeah-YEAH(!!) personalities, and we definitely L!KE to think of being nice for the sake of breaking mother-effing bread. “When today they went and baked themselves WIDEALIVE!VE

… inside of the heated HOT(!!!) sun again- “Just ten-billion angles of inner interpretation to ALL OF THESE kaleidoscope THINGS, plEASE… .”