Again and again- never over until, Say… “WHEN?”

The clouds come down and these crowds comfortABLY ARISE and sCaTtEr themselves away

From plain view of sight: from evening time interferences AGain

All of them
Erotically-both-EPICally estranging, ONLY ever really in-so-far as these modern-class DaNcErS can, and SHALL

creatively turn their forgotten worlds upside down and towards- this outlandish sense of smile-awhile, STAYADAY bloodlust and Groundbreaking gregariousness

Tearing their tears, even if, AND WHEN, the rhythm appears to have been SOFTLY Off.

As her thunder-and-Thirst ((Behind the curtains)) begins to burst

Its radicalised BANKS for one more row of eyes: NO “THANKS” but for the state of disheveled fix-and-repair-it, pl(EASE!!), which WILL painFULLY attempt to EVENtually drown itself-

halfway til tomorrow. In a (rotten) half-bottle of nearly-always-there whiskey!

An unSPEAKable and toasted and TwIsTeD b-l-i-s-s meant to m-e-a-n-d-e-r and dispel!! All Knowing SeNsEs of regular Reasoning!

Since the stage waved itself away from (her sTaTe of) exhausticated FACE,

She’s been bleeding-TO-FEEL damn nearEVERYTHING, whilst being simultaneously sent stereo-physically BRAIN-engrained!!

With this draining endeavour Called: dumbfounded DeSiGn & cHaOtIc commitment to ALL KINDS of unreachable PlEaSuReS