I remember you when your schizophrenia took you down to unsavoury, warlord grounds – when it permitted you all of nothing
Agony on a seriously tethered string
Sweating and unequivocally swearing inside of the ungodly a.m.
Too many rip-roaring stories to mention
Whiskey to quench that unimaginable pain
And who could blame you
There no such air to catch, that silenced piece of genius which will always get to caress yet never, ever quite manage to open up its scope and cascade
You made your very own cross-bowed bed entirely against your will
I’m still here but I fear that you are not
I could try and hatch a surefire plan but it does seem as though no cure whatsoever has shut-closed these particularly ravenous doors – imploding one at a time
When you ran right away from yourself
And that lock is just too tightly wound – horrifically strong in its own right, keeping you unaccountably out of touch with the real world
Absurd in many a manner
Oh so goddamn wrong
Your paranoia lets none of us in
Your pretty head splaying all over the place owing to crazy bouts of medication
Delirium then the fall from all too problematic grace
Where your doctors promised that everything might be alright
When truly it couldn’t be
Chained to this peculiar mind-prison one thought at an incredibly corrupt time – freeze-frame
I will never stop trying to unearth one such way, I can promise you this above all else
Seems we will need to delve oh so delicately deep from here on in

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