If there was silly secondary sedation then they were definitely wriggling about this distantly dishevelled place and aching to feel – faraway and oblivious, Too, to the state of utter AND HIGHLY obnoxious MIS-understatements. They had finally dropped the Damn overarching ‘actually’ at the end of their narKING mad sentences and showered themselves with the rhythm of NOT actually – “WHAT THE **** IS HAPPENING (HERE)!!?” – giving a shit aboutALL OF the goddamn bloodyWELL rhythms (happening) anyway.

When there were mountains of sense to be made of these faraway, delicately misplaced brains ——___ “and she introduced herself ANYWAY to the top
the TIP OF THE—->
tower anyway. And with her powerful = =

Observations of utter nonsense AND calculated HARDPLAY.” It’s hard AS HELL-to-nearly ALWAYS nerveWrackLinG for them to’ve broken the DAMN_ceiling of the (foolish-at-first-sight) Rul38ooK only to —

Make arguably THE least amount-of-money from the most eagerly amount of cash and carefree CREDIBLE creation. To take yet another ******* Turn in the rip torn, WornToTheBone, dutiFULLY dog-eared dictionary is to —-

Gain (the) (iNItial) access to unDENIABLE insight, indeed: When one man’s madness IS… … … another man’s tablet

To take and feel== “these unparalleled priorities… .”