Plagiarised and misshapenly mistaken – otherworldly pronounced and exceptional at that for their whole highly constrained width
And severely hurting worth, wherein all of this earthily circumference-d mess of amalgamated ours manages to make mammoth sense yet again

One way or a rip-torn other – articulated well enough so it plagiarises and sordidly seems

Of its settled aside delicately seething and individualistic self

And they do indeed tend to take it upon the better, lesser threatening pieces of their multi-functioning beings
To have and to ferociously hold a tethered penny for their every next strenuously terrific thought
Why I oughta…

Have and to once more willingly hold, and to demonically fabricate it all til ferociously demonstrative – soon as he suddenly so gathers to twist and turns his manic-membraned head

Remember the romantically awry days, because that’s exactly where the sun gets in… gets to fending for itself

And witnesses to singularly watch and typically whisper sweet candy-kissed nothings midst her very last tantalised breath : to bountifully, fair serenely sin midst her favourite realm of ultimate and timely sub-conscientiousness would be a hidden artist’s very last brushstroke of stricken brilliance

A pock-sparked and needle/embedded arm really means no harm – but an undeniable map of wayward persuasion

Enter the half-hearted genius, looking to catch up with the better living, venting entity of feminine and rather miraculous necessity

When two tense, tender and deafeningly purified pieces of the unexplainable same person presume to become singularly at-large, singularly at-one

When these marvellously needy, narcotically dependent people simply live-and-let-die/long to utilise and set themselves hearts apart and fair soberly be…

A minute-by-minute, tick-tocking, unadulterated version of the second person’s many-a-mesmeric-thing

And to actually matter of fact spectacularly think … that somehow, anyhow, we forever get to sit and we get to forever see

It. All. (Heavenly). Happening.

And right immediately here before our lovelorn thirst, which gathers to creatively gain and bursts our kaleidoscopic borders within its shape-shifting self
To perhaps collude to serendipitously collide –

With everyone, finally – wherein there is a will, the yellow-bricked pavement of ethereal dreams has been waiting to crazily unleash itself

This one is for the real pretty pretenders who sit and cuss – every where, every which way, every single next thing
Taken to misunderstood task day by day…

trembling and begging to bargain with, belong to, their very next breath