What if they really went and got themselves all mixed up with these latter YAY people, and what if they get themselves wholly invested in the technology happening inside of unashamedly addicted minds. She’s listening to the music inside of her head the ball and attempting to create = absolutely mother ******* nothing anymore.

They’ve ruled over themselves again – a pen, left of its own slight of mind, then. We’ve seen the Tetris like happenings and we’ve waved a red flag at the daftest of things happening. We’ve even dipped our lips into the coldest mug of hot tea in the whole wide universe and

Lost our simultaneous thirst – for utter ******* understanding. And if we do appear to have been running ourselves in cradled CiRcLeS then it is safest to say it that: we’ve even been. ——— “bellyaching for the **** sake of sending good ol’ Perry Entwistle to his latter “YAY!!!!” gRAVE(!!)” What we did is we

Perfected the art of aching inside and at all of the right places because “we had to” Design One Of A Kind… “comforting interpretations please.”