These thumbledown housing estates which have been filled with elderly folk since the fate-filled beginning

This thankless muscle atrophy which has been endlessly peppering a thousandth body of bone and notably bolstered by the distinguishing nature of falsely lit scripture

“Stay awhile oh, teary-eyed people and serve us our insistent smiles”

When my, oh my

Only no one knows the true weight of their quotidian pain – lavish and crazily meeting at the barking-mad middle

Time does be rifling on by … vis-a-vis the seriously blistering pace of these two hanging hands which have been scorned shamefully back upon yet another grandfather’s falsely lit face

Fallen scriptures resting themselves numerically with-in Roman pieces, pl-ease! All wartime people commonly accounted for, only no real nonsense anymore

These are the historical shape-shifters – our very greatest standing-still, living, seething starry-eyed statistics