Do we need to be sitting right here?!?
Terrifically so dribbling, obviously permitting a little and never a lot – rooted to this God awful spot time again
The stricken fear has undoubtedly, unshakeably, by all accounts rather masterfully taken us all of the way over
Our behemoth, dry-wit shoulders were never crafted so very intricately cold in the whole wide world
You will begin to admit as such with time
I can promise you this above all else
Now delve…
Bolder than we may have ever been before
Stopping at absolutely everything, allowing for wholehearted degrees of nothing whatsoever to wipe our seriously cascading tears right away
Seems we must pay for all of these surrounding tapestried sins – a clockwork din oh so contrary to popular belief to say the very least
Please, try and pound something or other, an outright alarming necessity to smother this whole damn precarious place
Distasteful and the rest
Here’s your pavement – bejewelled, manically ruling over your constant everything
Now, relent, take a first step at your own carefully judged acknowledgement
And I’ll be waiting with clandestine fate enveloped preciously inside of my trembling hands – sweating, working for your every worth more than you can ever get to know

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