Caffeine ‘n’ Prozac, to keep this smart, smart lad’s mind entirely Intact – when one motherf**ker flew all of the way over the cuckoo’s nest and failed to release this burgeoning, twisted, disheveled and undeniably unasked for pain

Heaped unwittingly upon He, for almost all of a lifetime, or so it so far from happiness tends to itself to earth-shatteringly seem

Mean re-awakenings by the reshuffle ‘n’ blasphemous shake ‘n’ utter quake of a yawned for dawn, for he dreamed of just one single living, breathing thing – to be brand new and able … to guide himself and to simply f**king f-e-e-l … … …

All of these oh so goddamnit magical things, because it is indeed damn magical at that

Almost altogether quite, shall we simply whisper and fabricate to say, supernatural even

– ‘Course his particular fiction breathes downright stomped-upon dereliction –

He just must begin to feel it, the retreat of a pain best attempted to be forgotten … yet, the upset and high-wire inflamed fret shall undoubtedly return to earn its unfathomably angst-ridden worth
Aside persistently turn his comfortable mind ’til drained up, over … and pummeled monstrously asunder – wherein sleeping dogs fail to lie, and he may well be the most exhausted, complicated and overwhelmed man in our whole entire world


Against ever other imbalanced will … in this whole wide-eyed world of ours

And he gets to witness and watch himself cry – copious times, and this inability to flee has rendered him … perhaps tragically unmemorable? When he knows full well he could have been carefree incredible

Defined by all-of-nothing, he still hurts when he is smiling

Ladies & mental-men, welcome to the pile-drive of a lifetime – this is not Brian

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