They’ve been sincerely sending themselves insane yet again; walking and chatting and bartering and telling one another these ironically nonsensical tales

Of another time, another place, another separate and entirely pointless-to-them situation

Just where on Earth IS THE BLAME TO BE PLACED?!

Between them, there was literally nothing left but for a dovetail delve within the inner-ward recesses of their imagination’s PuLsaTiNg brain- rein it all in, please

Just be fucking sure-faced to whisper it g-e-n-t-l-y
Amid this “terrible” lockdown left-over to the loud-mouthed minds of these LAZILY layabout and UTTERLY uneasy pEoPle —

Who never really managed to stress -hence- strengthen their dwindling ‘Thinking-Machines’ ever even NEAR enough

To take their calm&soothing, sarcastically lacking minds to that uttermost INVALUABLE instance… inSTANCE, unguarded bloody hIlAriTy-riddled(!!) INSTANCES, indeed, of

—remarkably marked(marketed and righteously purchased) bli$$.

The writers have been writing as best that they can, these animated artists ably meandering between.. this vacated room and that, fondly BOTH FURIOUSLY searching for that momentary feeling

Of agitated happiness that lies ALL too obviously inside/ of their mild and equally ENTHUSIASTIC miNds

“A Chardonnay wine shared ‘eQuAlLy’ between mindfully maligned Friends? Don’t mind if we do, thank you!”

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