If it’s a pedantic “let’s stop and think about it” thing then “let’s let em all have it.” Let’s let em all eat their soggy ol chips and break even with their own state of uneven circumstance.

It’s highly reminiscent of the ************* who altered it all without even thinking of anyone else anyway, and she’s been making dilly dalliance of Fright-FILLED interruptions INSIDE OF HER S(l)IGHT OF MIND seem like a mostly comical thing indeed …

beCAUSE she had to

In the minds of TOO MANY PEOPLE: “to think. Ink it all down now, PLEASE, and watch your own minds alter the deafening difference anyway.” They

Stopped at placing all of the regular paint in a blob Called BOHEMIA and did NOT(!!) (EVEN) stop(!!!) their LOCO-emotional minds ANYWAY from

Starting to star in the theatrical AcT Of the PENiTENtiary(!!) Yes, a hundred heavy, metal bars staunchly STOOD before his frightened eyes but

A thousand more mErrIly MUSICAL ONES… DaNciNg inside his MELODY OF mind, and that will do, “thank you.” When, JUST FOR A MOMENT, his {reconfigured} mind decides