Unbelievable… just unbelievable
Don’t know how she does it
One day she’s terribly down
The next she does this!!
Looking at ‘The Glass Diver’
You’d be hard-pressed to believe this is a
Girl suffering from depression
I remember it
Remember the time she cried on the bus
I told her that everything was alright
All the way back to hospital
That she would be alright
And I was right
In an artistic sense anyway
It’s the most perfect piece of art
I may ever see

I got to watch her do it too
Inside the craft room
In a far corner of the hospital
She concentrated… concentrated
‘Til glass splinters fused
Teacher blown away
‘”How are you able to create that when
You’re supposed to be depressed?”
Good question, thought I
But we let her get on with it
I made a vase for my sister
But as good as it may have been
Paled in significance to ‘The Glass Diver’
It does seem there are crazy creative streaks running the core
Inside the hospital doors

I just don’t get it
Don’t get what part of her asked to be troubled
Here’s hoping she gets the balance just right
Then maybe there’ll be a pool full of glassy divers

She the lifeguard