As tonight tones itself deafeningly well down YET again- to another such whispering, well-wisher’s dream. As an audible audience awaits- none-too-amicably and ABSOLUTELY about to b-r-i-n-g the house…

ALL of the MOTHER ……. houses DOWN!!

She’s wishing and fighting and SWEATING (AGAIN!) and, finally… silencing her very own purposely antagonised inner-demons. Has had them SeTtLeD here, t-h-e-r-e, and DAMNRIGHT downright everyWHERE(?!) for a reason.

To tease her soul ‘til brought beneficially back to life:times a ThoUsanD of these WANTaway rounds!!

Yes, she is ALL fists and gripes and gRiPpInG courageously with perspiring S-P-I-T-E,

as her brutalised body-of-bone begins to $oar!!

Toward this ultimately wide-awake albeit equally jaded-faced RING!!

She’s ready; even SHE is ready: the other distant and dutiFULLY angered and DISHEvelled person.

Only that their pair of adjustable minds WILL search and unearth to, finally… find…

A satisfied pace-of-place inside of their sparring minds

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