It is a lovely old thing. This distinguishable thing of Dostoyevskian mesmerisation: just.. sarcastically implemented and actually NOT-IN-FACT meant to MEAN anything..

At all anyMORE(?!)
There’s the art part and the angled art of pieces and pARTS all perfectly being combined and pAraLySEd Til breathlessly placed

Barking-MAD(!) back together again – she’s upsetting herself and for no known reason other than —

To get to the bottom of the barrel. They’ve minded themselves and for far too long and ALL courtesy of these …
Epically rearranged themes- of sentimental actualisation.. “probably(?!)”

And it didn’t even matter but for the meander AND matter of (fictional!) fact AND THAT focus-first dive

To meet this derogatory self-desire, right by the centre-point of unequalled UNDERSTANDINGS. And that breath of fresh-air that she took atop of the mounting mountain of dreams?

This means everything.. it schemed AND IT SCREAMED and it definitely masturbated atop of its own

sense of sensuous lies – THAT is sole purpose PERVERSION PEOPLE and minus Any need to Apologise