When her dire necessity had its own ability and able~ness. Indeed, she’s brought it all together yet again and the pen, paintbrush, etc—) that DAFTly ol’RUSSSSSH(!!)

With unmatched excitement, it’s frightful just how many times they haveBeen to see
the opposite end of antagonised(and backAGAIN… … …) when they fended for themselves and

A few other dastardly good and brand new people peppered in professional pragmatism.

“Magnetically aware is what we all were, and certainly CERTIFIABLE inside our have~a~heart minds.” It IS hella exciting to seem as though we just won’t bother ourselves to know anymore

“Where these peppered people decided to go and dEcOdE their theory~of~time. Even if it WAS fairly tUmUlTuOuS and to the point of lingering at lArge ANNNNND.. … for so very eagerly lonnnnng an aforesaid ARDUOUS time..

Watch them, watch us… watch it ALL mentally unwind… .”