You had one of two roads to choose and in my oh so humbled opinion you chose the incorrect one absolutely
Don’t you ever get me wrong, I appreciate your travails, by God I do
But just something doesn’t quite seem to add up
Should I have interrupted you, perhaps asked you to come with me all over again?
Or would that have been no more, no less than my decision and not yours?
I’m reeling, well and truly
Typical really, but we do need to sort this one out
While you’re on your road, I’ll be on mine
Simple as this, it’s sending me blind, although I do see the resemblance of a ghost in my distance
Am I being a little untoward, I mean you always did see me as rather facetious
Soon as you jump those bushes, shed your clothes and come on over, will I drink too much?
So far from a sober existence that you turn out to hate me all over again?
Okay, maybe you remain where you are right now and remember me as the facetious and unremarkable one
Strung out entirely and on the wrong path altogether
Who tough, you or I?
Why don’t we raise a glass of pink to that!?
Was always hard as hell to chat from this distance