We were ending in all sorts of entitlements and simultaneously driving ourselves, aHeM, “WiLdlY wild.” We really didn’t mean to manoeuvre-about-This-dIsHevEllEd-Place(…) And when it ALL BEGAN TO begin
At becoming: “Ahem, Gin &Tonic tuned-IN in all of the “right+AND+RegUlaR+places” and with ALL OF THE “REAL+and+rEguLaRiSeD+people” with Heads for, ahem…
Minds (!) that’s {PRECISELY} WHY(??) we WERE {left} living inside{-out} of Our Generalised selves again but possibly BEcause: the cause HAD BEEN
Breathtakingly beleaguered (yet again)”. It’s a seriously damn-good-thing, actually, that we’ve achieved UTTER, utter productivity {amidst This… delicate AND disastrous thing} and with a CAP!TALLY inclined “CEASELESS” in cRedIbLy~chaotic~Creat!on, “pl=EASE.”